Everyone can use Linux!

Linux is not an operating system just for IT experts, it is simple, stable, and safe that everybody can use for work every day working and playing. And certainly, it now better with a more stable and security update.

Ubuntuvn respin

Light-weight theme with Ubuntuvn respin

My goal is to build a distro for small businesses and personal that need stability, reliability, and fast for work, entertainment. Linux not hard, not complicate and it has more and more users everyday because its stable, security and the most important thing: it’s FREE!

Develop this distro, I really don’t know how to name it. In the beginning, it’s a respin version from my own operating system and I realize that why I can not share the beauty and fast of the operating system for everyone. After building an iso file, I just think that I have to try a little bit to build a distro. A distro that everyone can install freshly on their computer. A simple distro that can support Vietnamese or everyone who doesn’t know anything about computers can install and use Linux. From Ubuntu 20.04 Focal LTS, I am building everything from scratch and named it Ubuntuvn Respin.

Ubuntuvn 2 Cinnamon

Ubuntuvn 3 gnome

Ubuntuvn 3 Gnome

Ubuntuvn Respin based on Ubuntu LTS, therefore, it will have long time support. This is the most important thing when you use this Linux distro. You don’t have to consider the update and the security patch, the system will take care of you. 

Long term support

Ubuntuvn setting on Ubuntuvn 3 Gnome

Ubuntuvn Respin supports Vietnamese language and input (Bamboo ibus) with a fast and light theme, save all space for your work.

Gõ tiếng Việt trên Ubuntuvn respin

Vietnamese language and input supported.

Search Video, music on the Dash - Ubuntuvn 3 Gnome

Everything is changing, all the application that relies on the operating system now moving to the cloud and web. You don’t have to use Office to write your document, Google docs, office365 can go with you anywhere. You can send a mail with outlook web or Gmail. Vietnam is moving further to and integrates into the world. We have to respect the software license terms and familiar with a habit we have to pay for what the software we use. That why I always prefer open source and encourage my member using Linux. All you need right now is an operating system that stable and reliable. Ubuntuvn respin is a promising reason. We have our long journey to come with you. Ubuntuvn respin is a serious project and hopes to build a Linux community not just in Vietnam.

Default Music play and music library management.

Windows tiling on Ubuntuvn 3

Window tiling is one of the best feature on Ubuntuvn 3, just press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + T to activate

Right now, you can download  Ubuntuvn Respin and install it on your computer. If you need some help, our Video is a good way to start or just start a chat with us on this website.